Descend into the cyber world of >Dev/Null, where a rookie mistake leads to a system-wide calamity. Investigate and fight back against the damage in a zero gravity 360° environment with complete movement freedom. Beware, for the enemy is highly intelligent, and you will find yourself caught up in fierce, gut-wrenching arena battles, fighting for your life and the fate of your network. Move along through the cramped tunnels with multiple weapons, tools, and power-ups, and to the sound of a thumping dynamic musical score.

Meet the Team: Dr. Killinger

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My name is Robert Henley and I am the newest member of the 303 Games team. I have had a passion for computers and gaming since I was barely tall enough to sit in a chair reach the keyboard. A software developer by trade, I am currently using experiences picked up in the corporate world to act as the project manager and general support for the rest of the team.

Why I am part of 303 Games:

Years of being friends, playing games and even competing in game jams with the other members of the 303 team has given me the opportunity to work on the >Dev/Null project. Opportunities to work on a project this cool with a team you know as well as we have come to know each other are very rare. So rare that when I recognized it, I knew I had to take a chance on it. There are few things better than working with a group of talented and like-minded people on a project you believe in.

What I do at 303 Games:

My primary duties as the team manager are to keep track of the rest of the team’s progress, ensure that everybody is clear on their own responsibilities and to provide the team with everything they need to do their job. Another one of my duties is creating some of the project’s documentation which can include anything from taking notes during meetings to creating publicly accessible content for the future such as instructions or FAQ’s. Essentially I grease the wheels and take care of many of the jobs that most indie game teams either forget or do not care about until the last minute.

What I do outside 303 Games:

Outside of the >Dev/Null project there are a handful of things that I find myself coming back to. Most obvious would be videogames. Picking a favorite game for me is an impossible task, but some of the candidates would be Total Annihilation, Freespace 2 and Red Alert 2. My latest gaming fix has come from short intense bursts of Mechwarrior Online. We at 303 tend to refer to it as simply “Stompy Stompy Robots”. I am generally a complete sucker for almost anything that could be labeled science fiction. When my eyes cannot focus on a computer screen any more I make my own beer. Homebrewing beer has been a hobby of mine for over a year now. My latest creation is an amazing oatmeal cream stout. It is an art form I hope to perfect over many years.

Meet the Team: Felix

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This is Kyle, he is code monkey.

Why I am part of 303 Games:

303 Games pulled Kyle from his favorite tree when he stole one of their expedition laptops and built a Tetris clone on it. After his introduction to society he found a job building motion simulation prototypes. Fate led them back together in the Ludum Dare #24 game jam which led to his employment with 303 Games.

What I do at 303 Games:

Kyle makes things go, don’t let him near art. Kyle hates building menus.

Meet the Team: Holo

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My Name is Costas Frost and I am a 3D artist.  I’ve been working in 3D graphics professionally for the past 7 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working in just about every job that exists in 3D.  I’ve always had a love of art and games and getting the chance to put it together has been a treat.

Why I am part of 303 Games:

I’ve been friends with these crazy people for a couple years now.  We’ve done several game jams together and the progression to developing serious games was an easy one.

What I do at 303 Games:

I build environment art, weapons, textures, special effects, animations, levels, enemy ships.  Basically anything that you can see I have probably had a hand in building or polishing.

What I do outside 303 Games:

When not forging worlds from the fires of vertex hell I can be found playing video games, looking at art things and generally being a decent human being.

My favorite game are: Tribes 1, Mount and Blade: Warband, Mechwarrior Online, BALDURS GATE 1&2

Meet the Team: Vormulac

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I am Ryan Neighbour and I’m the guy responsible for AI and physics.

Why I am part of 303 Games:

After having gamed with the other members of 303 for a time we decided to try our hand at Ludum Dare.  It went well enough that we decided to take the basic idea and run with it.  Having a bunch of crazy people around that sort of think like you is a great way to get a project going.

What I do at 303 Games:

I create the AI and systems that allow the enemies and players to move around the environment.  I try to create enemies that are challenging (some would say cruel) in such a way that we can avoid the trap of making hard mode = more damage.  To do so I’ve turned to behaviour trees as they’re easy to construct, modify, and explain.  In creating the movement system for >Dev/Null I examined how shooter movement systems have evolved over time and tried to create something that will allow the player to have maximal freedom without becoming overwhelmed.

What I do outside 303 Games:

I am a PhD Candidate who studies the use of agent based modeling and fractal analysis to gain a better understanding of how pandemics spread through urban centres.  Between game development and graduate school I don’t have a tonne of time but I try to get out and go stomping around in the bush now and then.  In the winter I tend to go snowshoeing (sometimes out of necessity).

Meet the Team: Hooli

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My name is Colin Bussey, and I am the founder of 303 Games. Ever since I was little (5-ish?), I’ve been obsessed with games (especially video games), enough to want to build my own since I began understanding how they work. I went to school for animation and later game design. I am an artist by trade, and have worked many odd jobs off and on for many years. Hopefully this will be my avenue into making games full-time.

Why I am part of 303 Games:

I created 303 Games after many years of wanting to found my own studio with the idea of making games that I wanted to make. My biggest passion in games is the ability to make whole worlds that people can move around in and experience for themselves. I’m sure I’ll write more later on the whole idea of games as art and what they mean to me on a deeper level.

What I do at 303 Games:

As the owner of 303 Games, my tasks are a bit more broad than just development. I take care of most of the business-y side of things (contracts, pay, some scheduling, worrying and blatant speculation, and generally trying to look at the big picture). On the game creation side of things, I fill the roles of Lead Designer and Lead Artist. I am generally responsible for level/environment design and interface creation. I gravitate toward more architectural and engineering style artwork, leading my toward things like set pieces and graphic design. 

What I do outside 303 Games:

When not throwing all the energy and time I have into 303 Games, I can be found playing other games, enjoying beer, driving my car, and crafting random things (and spending time with my wonderful girlfriend).

Current games that scratch the itch are X Rebirth, Deus Ex, FTL, Descent, Gunpoint, and Guild Wars 2. I’m looking forward to a few things, notably Transistor, Cyberpunk 2077, and Distance

I live in Colorado, so breweries are plentiful. I tend to like not too hoppy beers (IBU of less than 60 preferably), and love trying experimental batches.

Also due to living in Colorado, I have great roads to go driving on, in and out of the mountains.

As far as crafting things goes, I tend to bounce around a lot. Most recently I took a welding class and made a 3 foot tall Decepticon logo out of steel. notable things in the past I’ve made include a Ghostbusters proton pack and some green lantern rings.


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So we’ve got the talented Tori Kamal working audio for us. He’s made some AMAZING audio tracks for >Dev/Null and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. I’m cutting together a video now to show off a lot of the stuff we’ve got running in the last few weeks.

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